Latest News

Latest News

EU Exit Advice

14th October 2020

Specific elements are not clear in terms of the UK’s future relationship with the EU. However, the Director General of the Provision Trade Federation, Andrew Kuyk, has worked with Country Range to produce a feature that outlines key areas that caterers need to consider in terms of how BREXIT may have a significant impact on their business.

Read the article here: EU Exit Update

Savona Brexit Update

25th September 2020

With the end of the transition period approaching on the 31st December 2020, we continue to be surrounded with uncertainty around the deal/no deal position with the EU, along the additional challenges we all face with the ongoing pandemic. 

Since Brexit was announced over three years ago we have been working with our suppliers, and alongside the Country Range central office team to understand the potential impact to the supply of goods, and make plans to ensure continuity of supply for our customers. With the exit date soon approaching we are bringing these plans together in conjunction with our suppliers to carefully manage our supply chain and build stocks on key products.

As it stands today there is still uncertainly on what deal if any will be agreed, which could have an impact as we potentially move from existing EU tariffs on to WTO tariffs. Due to this uncertainty none of our manufacturers or suppliers can hold or commit to pricing after 31st December 2020, or indeed confirm pricing thereafter. Consequently, we are unable to guarantee any current prices or renew price holds after this date until the situation is clearer. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible but withhold the right to change prices without prior notification should the need arise.

Rest assured that Savona Foodservice is making every effort to mitigate the potential effect that Brexit may have to our businesses.

To view Country Range’s Brexit Statement, please click here: Country Range – Brexit Update – September 2020.


Redistributing Labelling Guide

23rd September 2020

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge decline in the demand for certain food products which has led to a number of challenges with Best Before Dates. To overcome these challenges, and to minimise the waste of good food, we have been working closely with Suppliers and Country Range to safely extend the shelf life of these products by following the WRAP guidelines. These guidelines are endorsed by the Food Standard Agency (FSA). 

Read more on date labelling, storage instruction requirements, and safe redistribution for surplus food in this summary document: Surplus Food Redistribution Labelling Guide. 

Digital Transformation … OurJourney So Far

10th September 2020

Two years ago, Savona embarked upon a strategic programme of system replacements that will provide the latest in technology solutions, enabling a radical improvement to their customer proposition and experience.  From adopting a unified communications approach to what would otherwise be traditional telephony, to full adoption of mobile collaboration using Microsoft Teams, no technological stone has been left unturned to offer the most flexible approach to new ways of working.

Following the incredible adoption of their online platform in 2019, Savona have completely replaced their core ERP system, moving to a browser-based system called Qnetex by wholesale IT specialists, CSD.

This already includes ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) and live
customer order tracking. Underpinning all this is the ability to retrieve and
analyse data, for which Savona have adopted Phocas – a UK based, wholly
provider-owned product that offers the most user-friendly interface.

New ERP System:

Qnetex is built to address both the current processes common throughout the foodservice industry, but (more importantly) is built with the future in mind, hence the day-one integration with industry leading platforms:

  • eCommerce (Biggestshed)
  • Finance (Sage)
  • Business Intelligence (Phocas)
  • Dynamic routing (PTV)

After over 18 months of design, planning and preparation, Savona’s Oxford depot went live with Qnetex in August, with the South West depot due to follow in November. This blend of solutions will bring customer insight and intelligence to the fingertips of any user, regardless of where and when they login.

Managing Director, Mike Morgan, explains “The world has changed for good, and we need to be ready for what lies ahead.  Biggest Shed (from 443 AI) and Qnetex (from CSD) have both the right solutions and the right attitude.  We have worked together in partnership to provide a suite of systems that will really differentiate us from the rest of the industry. To implement both systems, each without a hitch was truly a huge achievement and we could not have done this without the tireless effort and the continued support of our partners and our own team.”

Savona’s digital transformation complements its existing ecommerce website which, powered by the Biggest Shed, pioneered the industry in 2019. Using Artificial Intelligence specifically relating to wholesale results in a frictionless customer experience, offering ultra-convenience when placing orders.

The Savona Group aren’t stopping there, with more major technology development going live in the coming six months.

Digital Transformation

4th August 2020
It’s clear, digital is the future and very much set to stay. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in technology and systems over the past 12 months and will continue to do so, in order to offer the highest quality, intelligent, most convenient experience for our customers.

New Website
We’re excited to launch this new website, giving you the ability to window-shop our services and find out more about us, our history and our products. We’d love to hear your thoughts – contact us with your feedback.

What else have we improved?
Since last year we have launched…

  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Live customer order tracking
  • New Business Intelligence system
  • Online ordering app which pioneered the industry by adopting AI

…to name just a few.

Coming Soon…

  • Online payment for online orders
  • Expected delivery time information to customers
  • Digital brochure

We’re on a journey to transform our digital capabilities, and look forward to adopting new, cutting-edge technologies to enhance our offering.

Safe Practice at Savona

23rd June 2020

We want to assure you we are doing our very best to minimise any potential risk from COVID-19 (corona-virus). Following Government guidance, we continue to review all aspects of our business to ensure the safety of our customers, our staff and the products we supply.

Above are just a few examples of the measures we have in place. For more information, please read our updated policy here: Savona COVID-19 Policy Update – 23.06.2020

Our Policy: Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

23rd March 2020

Following the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (Corona virus), Savona are continually reviewing all aspects of our business to ensure that we take the necessary steps to maintain the safety of our people, the safety of the products we supply and the safety of both our customers and their customers.

As more information becomes available, we know that adopting certain behaviours can help to reduce the risk of infection for ourselves, our colleagues and our customers.

Be assured that we are taking the matter very seriously and continue to pay close attention to the health advice being given by the UK government. For more information on the measures we are taking to protect our business, employees and customers from the virus, please read our updated policy here: Savona Corona Virus Policy Update – 20 03 23

Savona are UK's first Foodservice to Trial Tevva’s Electric Truck

12th March 2020

Savona are proud to be the first UK Foodservice to Trial Tevva’s Electric Truck.

As a business, we are fully committed to dramatically reducing our carbon emissions and environmental impact. We have been on the search for a suitable delivery system for some time now and we are delighted to trial Tevva Motors Limited range extended electric vehicles (REEV).

This new addition to our fleet, alongside our first hybrid electric reps car, means we are well on our way to ensuring our customers journey is “green” from first meeting to delivery of goods.

Click here to find out more about our brand-new eTruck and Tevva Motors: Savona 1st Truck to Trial Tevvas Electric Vehicle

Savona supply meals with partners Major International

The ‘Holiday Hunger Project’ in partnership with Savona

16th August 2019

The ‘Holiday Hunger Project’ has been running for 3 years, with Savona being involved in donations since the very start.

Recognising that families were regularly going to food banks and struggling particularly over the school holidays when free school meals are not an option, Sam at Growing Minds joined forces with Louise at Southwest families and the initiate to start the program began.

The project is rolled out over x3 schools once a week during the school holidays and runs solely because of dedicated hard-working volunteers, who take time out to cook up a storm and prepare fun activities for the children.

When Savona went along to visit the project, we were delighted to see many activities taking place including, bread making, face painting, crafts and sports as well as a delicious lunch being prepared for all. The kids were particularly excited to try the ‘Mickey Mouse’ style pizzas inspired by a recipe from Country Range.

Well done to all the wonderful volunteers, we hope to see the project to further grow and flourish in years to come.

Savona South West operations senior management - Paul Moore, Kelly Williams and Adrian Gibson

Savona Foodservice achieves renowned BRC accreditation in Storage & Distribution

28th November 2018

Savona have been awarded BRC AA standard at both Oxford and Ilfracombe depots, an achievement that the company is extremely proud of as it moves to headline the future of the foodservice industry.

Establishing robust processes and then auditing them is far from new, which is why the BRC audit is so hard to get the highest score for. BRC auditors are experienced, well-practised and well trained, and subsequently know when it is just the appearance of quality they are looking at. Those organisations do not receive the AA standard.

“AA standard isn’t just another accreditation,” commented Mike Morgan, Director and General Manager at the Oxford depot, “it is an external recognition of the investment that we have made to achieve the highest possible quality assurances.”

Receiving BRC AA at both depots offers assurance and confidence to both existing and future customers. “We’ve always known that our company is built on quality,” commented Kelly Williams, Sales & Marketing Director, “and accreditation at the highest levels simply gives us third party verification and allows us to share this with prospective customers.”

Kelly and her sales team have certainly been sharing this quality ethos and the BRC audit news recently, achieving new annual contract revenues, something she attributes in part to being able to reassure multi-site catering organisations of consistent quality delivery.

BRC AA standard is a challenge to achieve – keeping it is more challenging still, which is why the internal audit team are continuing to monitor and advise to make sure that processes stay in control and data collection remains accurate.

With Online Ordering now in the customer pilot stage, rumours of geographical expansion and new staff being added to sales and operations teams, it is likely that there is going to be much more news from Savona Foodservice in the near future.